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Hand Stacker
Hand Stacker
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Hand Stacker

Hand stacker is a tool for goods especially goods in pallet, stacker there are several types, namely: manual stacker using hydroulic system for the mechanism, semi-auto stacker / semi electric stacker is a stacker with electric system to climb up and down the fork while to back and forth is still manual in the thrust, then there is Stacker Full Auto or also called Stacker Electric, stacker already use electric power either to ride down the fork or to back and forth, Stacker is usually used for sterile or narrow room conditions, with stacker only needed space / not too wide to be able to maneuver when compared with forklift, Stacker is also very easy in operation, to run the stacker no longer required licensing, stacker is also easy in maintenance either manual stacker, semi stacker or full electric stacker,

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