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Drum Lifter

Selling Low Price Drum Lifter

Drum Lifter is one type of material handling which is the result of the development of a hand stacker with the addition of facilities for handling drums. The drum lifter is designed to have a strong grip so that it can lift and move large-capacity iron, steel and plastic drums up to hundreds of kilos using hydraulic power. The drum carrier is very easy and safe in the way it is operated and safe, where the drum can be rotated 180 ° to 360 ° to help during the pouring process on the drum. With a simple design that is equipped with flexible steering wheels to move, drum lifter is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. We are PT. Mentari Cahaya Sukses is a distributor that sells cheap price drum lifter with complete choices. Buy cheap drum lifters now through us for shipping throughout Indonesia.


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